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Friday, 4 August 2006



Ferruginous Duck. 30/07/06

Have been spending the afternoon bringing my list of species up to date and thought I would round off with my trip last Sunday.  We set off during the morning to go to Lochgelly Loch. It is a small inland loch that is used by fishermen a great deal but it does not seem to put the birds off one little bit.  We had heard that there was a Ferruginous Duck there and as I had never seen one we thought it was worth a try.  It was lovely sunny morning and the light was very good.  After just a few minutes I spotted the duck by means of Stuarts telescope which is an awesome piece of kit. (My binoculars still being serviced as I write) During the time we were there I managed to get two horse fly bites on my waist, why do they always pick on me. We did not linger at the loch as we had decided to move on to Kinhorn on the river Forth.

Kinghorn was looking good when we arrived and Stuart started scanning the water. During the time we were there we saw Gannets, Puffins, Razor Bills, Guillimots, Eider Duck, Common Tern,Sandwich Tern, and the rare Roseate Tern (Picture above). Just before we left an Arctic Skua came down the river lifting all the ducks as they are a big predator of smaller ducks etc. I have placed a picture of the bird below.  The pictures I have used today are not mine just borrowed. Still trying to save for the attachment I need for the telescope to take pictures like this. Thank you for reading this far.
Our years total is now 162.  Bye for now Joan.

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