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Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Call of the wild geese.

Good Afternoon, as I mentioned in my last entry we have been waiting for the return of the wild geese. Yesterday were at St Andrews and we saw one or two skeins coming in off the sea. Today we have been out in the garden Stuart cutting the grass and I was getting the bulbs in the pots out from their resting place and tiding them up. During the time we were out which was not all that long as the rain started up we saw a few hundred geese arriving flying in their v formations  and  honking all the way. So now I can say Autumn is definitely here. Its lovely to see them again it seems a long time since they left for there breeding grounds.  I love to watch them when I am in the garden or just hanging out my washing on a fair day. We are so close to one of their main wintering grounds we see them most days.  If the weather is foggy and they are flying low they are barely above the roof of the house.  We still have  Swallows here which is really late but alas they will be gone any day now.  Will have to go out to the Loch soon to get a good look at the beautiful geese.   Bye now,  Love


Sunday, 1 October 2006

Its the Yellowlegs again.

I thought I would post this picture of the Lesser Yellowlegs as it shows the colour of its legs much better that the one below. They are both pictures of the same bird just different light and cameras.  Thank you to Jim Duncan for making such a splendid job of this picture it is not easy as I have found out.
                                  Bye for now

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