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Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Call of the wild geese.

Good Afternoon, as I mentioned in my last entry we have been waiting for the return of the wild geese. Yesterday were at St Andrews and we saw one or two skeins coming in off the sea. Today we have been out in the garden Stuart cutting the grass and I was getting the bulbs in the pots out from their resting place and tiding them up. During the time we were out which was not all that long as the rain started up we saw a few hundred geese arriving flying in their v formations  and  honking all the way. So now I can say Autumn is definitely here. Its lovely to see them again it seems a long time since they left for there breeding grounds.  I love to watch them when I am in the garden or just hanging out my washing on a fair day. We are so close to one of their main wintering grounds we see them most days.  If the weather is foggy and they are flying low they are barely above the roof of the house.  We still have  Swallows here which is really late but alas they will be gone any day now.  Will have to go out to the Loch soon to get a good look at the beautiful geese.   Bye now,  Love



  1. ally1231305859183 October 2006 at 16:09

    Those Geese are beautiful Joan it must be lovely living so close to them and being able to see them nearly every day ~ Autumn is definitely here and it is getting much cooler ~ Ally

  2. Envy you Joan, watching geese on the lochs....I have only reservoirs around here, they're not the most scenic of places.
    Love Sylvia xxx

  3. I love geese, I used to have a pet Chinese goose who would follow me everywhere. My cat tiggy was his best mate! Jeannette xx

  4. Hello Joan,  I`ve not seen any of the Canada geese flying South this year, I wonder if the warm weather has kept them here. :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  5. Hi Joan,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful sightings with us.  The geese, as they drop in for the first time of the year, must give you tingles I know they would for me but, as time goes on through the season, I suppose we would all get used to the birds being there

    By for now,



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