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Thursday, 16 November 2006

Look out below.

Good Afternoon, I missed a big event in our garden this morning as it was a cold and wet morning I walked round for the daily paper as I like walking in the rain.  While I was out a Sparrowhawk came and landed on our fence at the bottom of the garden.  Stuart was in the kitchen taking his medication and saw all this happening.  He said it came up from behind the fence sat for about a minute had a good look round and was off at the blink of an eye and I missed it. Teach me to be nice and  go for a paper. We had a Tawny Owl last year and we both missed that just got report from next door.  I think our little birds on the table had better watch out with a Sparrowhawk about.  We have a very big nasty Robin this year too that will not let any of the birds feed they have to wait till he goes elsewhere before they can feed.
Was reading the last report from Loch Garten this morning and the  Ospreys have been very good this year they raised 3 chicks which is excellent well above the norm.  They left for there winter holidays on 4th September so they will now hopefully be sunning themselves in Africa.  It will be 3 years before these chicks will return to breed so we wish them well. That's it for just now all is very quiet up here just now but we did see a lovely Kingfisher the other week just to keep us interested.
Total for the year is now 181.

                                                     Bye for now,



  1. Total 181 thats good going Joan ~ the Sparrowhawk looks beautiful ~ hope the little birds keep out of its way ~ sorry you missed seeing it ~ Robins can be nasty little birds I watched one chasing off the other birds ~ but the Woodpecker ignored him and went on eating ~ I havn't seen a Kingfisher since being unable to go fishing ~ they are such a beautiful Bird and so colourful ~ Ally

  2. Robins are very vicious little birds although they look so pretty and sweet! It's a pity you missed that sparrowhawk, I hope he stays away from the birds who visit your garden! Jeannette xx


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