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Thursday, 23 November 2006

Goldeneye but not James Bond.


On Monday night we had word that there was a very rare duck near us, well I say near us it was about 40 miles away at a place called Callander.  The weather on Monday night was dreadful heavy rain and wind so we did not really think we would be going on Tuesday.  When we got up on Tuesday morning it was a lovely sunny morning so we decided to make the trip.  We made good time the roads were quiet, and the sun was still shining when we arrived which gave us very good light.  There were a few other birders about when we arrived but the duck had moved  . The place where the duck had settled was a river that had flooded fields.  We had a walk down the road a bit in the direction the bird had flown and set up our equiptment to see if we could find him.  I say him because we had been told it was a  drake. After a few minutes I picked the bird up in my binoculars just a short way off .  The picture I have put at the top is of one male Barrow's Goldeneye and one Goldeneye.  Goldeneye winter with us every year but a Barrow's is very rare and much saught after. The Barrows is the one with the larger white patches on his face. Also in the picture are three females.  The Barrows Goldeneye was very much fancied by the ladies and always had one or two with him all the time we were there. This sighting was great for us as we have been looking for one of these ducks for many years. Every time we see Goldeneye we always check them all out to see if there is a Barrow's with them.  He is a bit off course just now he should be in Canada for the winter.  After lunch we had lovely run home round Loch Earn on the quietest roads I have ever seen in that area.  All in all a super day out.
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  1. Joan I am so glad you managed at last to catch sight of the Barrow's goldeneye that must have really made your day ~ the pictures are lovely and I am glad to know you had such a super day ~ Ally

  2. Thank you very much for the picture of the Barrows Goldeneye.  For years, I too have been checking through the Goldeneyes but I have yet to see a Barrows.  The picture you have sent is the best one I have ever seen.

    By the way, before my wife and I were married, we camped in Scotland for two weeks and one of he places we visited and enjoyed was Callender.  I cannot remember much about the place now except to say that we were camped in a field close to a railway line and there was a pub not too far away where we were treated to local live music.


  3. Do you know I don't know why I have never found your journal,but I was in luck today.I would like  to thank you first for all the lovely comments you have sent me.So kind of you,I do appreciate them.Now I have found your journal I shall have to show my friend this one once a week.He loves birds.He doesn't do as you but he will be intrested to see your journal,I am sure.keep up the good work,this was lovely I so  enjoyed it.I loved the common garden birds when I was an avid gardener though.And I miss them so much now I do not have a garden,living here on the coastline.Plenty birds around the coastal cliffs though I am told.Plus the gulls squarking each day LOL!!! I have put you on my alerts now,well thats if AOL decide to be kind to us.Your pictures are brilliant.I enjoyed.
    Take Care God Bless.


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