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Friday, 3 February 2006

In Search of Waxwings.


It is now teatime and it is dark outside. We have been for a longish walk this afternoon as the weather turned out quite nice the sun actually shone for a while.  We did not see anything unusual when we were out but we have been looking for Waxwings all winter but have not seen any yet.  While I was cooking  the tea Stu check our bird alert on the PC and low and behold a party of Waxwings were seen a 2 o5pm outside our local Summerfield's (yes I used to work there).  We always thought it would be a good place for Waxwings as they seem to favour supermarket car parks schools and gardens. So you can see that we are very annoyed to have missed this as they are such beautiful birds and guess who will be up with the larks tomorrow to see if they are still there.   Love



  1. I love Cedar waxwings too... they are so regal but they never stay around here very long. Hope you see some tomorrow, sandra

  2. ally1231305859183 February 2006 at 19:21

    Joan I just love the excitement I can read in your words...Do hope they stay a while so you will be able to see them...Shut the door quietly when you leave in the morning - I'm going to have a lie

  3. Hi Joan, what pretty birds they are, I`m just wondering why a bird would like a supermarket car park, but there must be a good reason for it.  I do hope you get to see one tomorrow, please let us know if you do. :o)

    Sandra xxxx


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