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Thursday, 9 March 2006

St Andrews on a Spring Like Day

Will just let the pictures tell the story of a glorious day.


  1. Those are such beautiful pictures... I enjoyed all of them so much, Sandra

  2. ally1231305859189 March 2006 at 17:00

    Joan those pictures do tell the story of a beautiful day ~ thanks for sharing them ~ Ally

  3. Hi Joan, what great photos, I can see you had a lovely day.  It must be wonderful to open your curtains in the morning to that glorious view. :o))

    Sandra xxxx

  4. This journal is my little treat. It's great Joan. Thanks for sharing thelovely photo's.
    Sylvia xx

  5. I arrived here a little late, but loved the Pictures...thanks

  6. At last, I have found the time to have a look at your birding jounal.  I think is is wonderful.  I loved the photo of the male Goldeneye.

    Although I would have liked to see the Shrike, I have to tell you that I am not a twitcher.  

    Having said that, keep the pictures coming, it makes a rare treat, for me at least, to see the beautiful coastline .

    By for now,



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