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Saturday, 8 November 2008

Hooded Merganser.

Photo by Simon Knight.
Isn't she lovely, isn't she marvelous. What can I say these words say if for me. We heard on the grapevine at the beginning of the week there was a Hooded Merganser close to where we live but being retired we did not have any spare time until today to go and see her. I say her as with any duck it is easy to tell the difference between male and female he is orange black and white and a lot brighter but I think see is so dainty and beautiful. She is half the size of a Mallard Duck. She has been sitting on a large pond in the middle of a village next to the sea wall. The pond started off life for model yacht racing and in the last few years has been planted up with reed beds and a few islands have been made. There are many Mallards, Moorhens and Swans on it so this must have been an attraction to our merganser. She should be in Florida just now enjoying the sunshine but she has been blown off course and landed on the east coast of Scotland. She is very active and feeding well. She did not disappoint any of the bird watchers that turned up to see her today. Really enjoyed our day out and look forward to our next one. Till next time Love Joan.


  1. The poor little thing, hope she makes it to Florida. Or will she winter over there? She is colorful and a dainty one for sure. 'On Ya'-ma

  2. lovely little thing.........

  3. How wonderful. I hope she winters well. I have never seen one of those ducks. Thanks so much for sharing her with us!

  4. Joan she is indeed a beautiful little thing ~ Ally x

  5. She's beautiful, I love her head dress! I bet she's thinking that it's cold for Florida, poor little soul! I hope she survives your harsh winter. Jeannette xx

  6. Hi Joan, what a lovely little bird, will she be alright in Scotland or will she continue on to Florida?

    Love Sandra xxxx


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