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Monday, 21 June 2010


In Joan's Musings I mentioned our life list and I thought I would let you into the big secret of what it is. I have never told anybody about this so it is our secret. The last two evening I have been redoing it and printing it off on my new printer (its wireless no more running upstairs with laptop to get the printing done). It was in need of updating and it is a big job and is very precious to Stuart and I. We started birdwatching while pushing Richard in his pram in 1969 so it is over 40 years of birding here and in Europe. It's a good list but still has a way to go and it does get more and more difficult as it grows. Why not start your own list is amazing just how quickly it grows to start with. Take care till next time. Love Joan.

The Total is ......................352 and counting.


  1. That is a wonderful idea. We rarely see anything but the same birds here so my list wouldn't be very long, but occasionally there is something different.One of the parks near here had an unusual siting in early spring as a tropical bird that was migrating got off track. My camera is not so good at picking them up and usually they fly off before I get a shot in. I love watching the birds at our feeders though and enjoy your birdwatching too.

  2. Well, that is still an amazing amount. I do hope that you both achieve your goal.

  3. Joan what an amzing amount of birds ~ I have been reading back in this blog and the Bird pictures are just great ~ we have lots of different birds come into the Garden ~ and I enjoy feeding and watching them ~ Ally x

  4. We too have lots of birds come to our garden ,you have seen an amazing amount and I have enjoyed checking it all out ,thanks for sharing your secret ,I am very impressed Jan xx


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