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Monday, 10 April 2006

Local Patch.



Our Bird Watching trips have not been very successful of late but we have been trying honest but the weather has been so cold as you know we have not been out as much as usual.  Today after Stuart had been for his first physio appointment we thought we would take a trip round our local loch.  First to the RSPB reserve big mistake as the schools are still off it was very busy and very noisy with badly behaved children so we did not stay long. Sorry to complain but today children seem to get away with anything they want to do we were not the only ones thank goodness that were upset by the noise. We did not stay long then back to the car and we drove round to the other side of the Loch.  There has been a lot of work going on a new footpath and a new hide something we never had before on that side of the loch.  We had a lovely walk to the new bird hide and sat watching the Great Crested Grebes displaying I think you will have seen this on TV as it is very special to watch as they rise out of the water beak to beak and seem to dance its so beautiful. After a while I moved over to the other side of the hide we were the only ones in it so we could move around.  Just as I settled down something in the sky caught my eye it was an Osprey so our local one is back too. (See last nights entry) As we sat watching him/her hunting over the loch I was hoping he/she would see a fish and come down but no luck today maybe next time.  As we sat watching over the loch we saw our first Sand Martins of the Spring not too late for up here but a bit later than usual but with these strong northerly winds we have had we are lucky they are here at all just shows you they have to get to their breeding colonies as soon as they can. So after a quiet spell in the bird watching world at last something to write about .

Our total for this year is now 101.




  1. I love to see the Grebe mating dance.  Must be wonderful to see it in real life.  I agree about children today.


  2. ally12313058591810 April 2006 at 18:09

    Joan we used to watch the Grebes on the lake when we went fishing they are beautiful ~ as is all bird life ~ it sounds like you had a lovely day ~ Shame about the children though they really can spoil things with the noise they make ~ Ally

  3. Hi Joan, what a shame your trip was spoiled by those badly behaved children.  Kerry has told me that she will not let Roman grow up like that and will insist on good behaviour.  She means what she says too.  I`m glad you got to watch the grebes, I`ve not seen any this year yet. :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  4. Hi, Dad was a great painter of birds and also wrote a book about the Greenland white fronted geese driven from their over-wintering home in Cardiganshire in the severe frost of 62/63.Their struggle for food as they head for the Norfolk fenlands!
    I love bird watching, and at dad's funeral last May, a pair of red Kites darted above the crem as if to say goodbye.


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