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Sunday, 9 April 2006

The Ospreys are Back

                                         Fish for tea.

The Loch Garten Ospreys have returned again. It is always a big event that they have made their long journey safely again it is such a risky business.  Our summer visitors are late like everything else, we saw our first Swallow on Thursday in Perth and we had a Whinchat while we were up north. If you want to follow the Ospreys summer they have their own web site and camera that is worth a look and a read as the warden does a weekly log and tells all the happenings in an interesting and amusing way. I will put a link for you in the side bar as well as on this entry.  Bye for now enjoy the Spring. Love Joan.


  1. Wonderful news that they have returned!! I always remember how it was kept quiet in the early 70's that they were returning .same as the red kites in Rutland at the moment, they returned last year after a long abscence.

  2. Hi Joan,  I`m glad to hear that they returned at last.  What beautiful birds they are too.  I`ll pop over and have alook at their website. :o)

    Sandra xxxxx

  3. ally12313058591810 April 2006 at 18:11

    Joan I didn't get an alert on this one ~ so glad they are back ~ they are really beautiful ~ will have a look at the link ~ Ally


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