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Wednesday, 12 July 2006

The Big Catch


Being the middle of summer Stuart and I have not been away much bird watching of late yesterday however we thought we would take Ellen for a walk along our local loch side.  We strolled she ran all the way.  We called in to the lovely new hide that has been made there (I think I mentioned the previously). It was a lovely summer afternoon and fortunately there was a Grey Heron close by for Ellen to watch as he hunted just outside the hide. Swallows House Martins and Sand Martins were all skimming the water.  As we sat there an Osprey passed over but still high up.  Later Stuart spotted him fishing about 50 yards out, the fish he caught was so big he could hardly get out of the water, he sort of floated there for a minute gave himself a good shake then took off. What a whopper he had caught the young Ospreys would have been very pleased to see him come back with that lovely trout for their supper.  As he flew away another one appeared not sure if this was the wife or a spare that had not mated this year as Ospreys have to be about 4 years old before they attempt to raise a family and the unattached bird cause a lot of trouble to the breeding birds. We had a great afternoon and I think Ellen enjoyed herself and we rounded of with a visit to the playpark on the way home so on the whole a great afternoon was had by young and old. Love                  



  1. It sure sounds like you had a wonderful summer day! Sandra

  2. Hi Joan,

    That was a marvellous sighting for you. We dont have ospreys here in Lancs, but sometimes we get sightings of herons and buzzards.

  3. ally12313058591812 July 2006 at 20:12

    Joan it sounds like you both had a lovely time ~ Does Ellen like birdwatching ~ it is such a lovely passtime ~ Ally

  4. Hi Joan,  What a lovely way to spend an afternoon, and to see an osprey catch his or her dinner, trout too!  It must have been quite a sight. :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  5. What a lovely experience for young Ellen to watch! Glad you had a good day. Jeannette xx  

  6. Sounds like a wonderful Summer Day out....hope you are both well.

  7. Sounds like a trip to paradise to me Joan. Thanks for posting.
    Love Sylvia xx

  8. Thank you for letting me share your walk with you.

    You may not believe me, for I have been birding for many years now, I have yet to see my first Osprey.  When ever they have been in the area, I have always been somewhere else.

    By for now,



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