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Saturday, 9 September 2006

Autumn is here.

          I know you will all think that there is nothing unusual about a Robin this is really just to mark the date for my personal record. I heard my first Robin of the autumn singing  yesterday 8th September.  I was hanging out the washing and he/she was singing loud and clear.  You may wonder why they sing so loud at this time of the year and will go on singing for some time, they are marking out the winter territories and woe betide any other robin that crosses into his/her patch. You will notice that I say his/her that because Robins  can't tell if the intruder is a  guy or gall so what chance have I got. Will have to be getting the  bird table ready for the winter soon but there is still plenty of natural food for them as yet. We still have Swallows, House Martin and Sand Martins about at the time of writing hope to see them for a while yet.  Still miss seeing our Swifts they have been gone since the first week in August up here. Looking forward to our holiday the week after next hoping to get some good birds then. 



  1. I love Robins, they look so sweet but I know they'll fight to the death over territory! Same with hummingbirds, they'll kill each other, in fact I read they're the most vicious birds around! Jeannette xx  

  2. Interesting Joan I never knew that is why Robins sing this time of the year ~ we have had several in the garden this year I wonder which one will win the right to call my garden their home this winter ~ Hope this weather keeps up for your Holiday ~ Ally

  3. Swifts, Martins & Swallows have all departed from here during the past 2 weeks. We still have Greenfinch fledglings in the garden though and the Collared Doves are having a breeding frenzy in my conifers - must be something in the air down here. Keep laughing.
    Love Sylvia xx

  4. I`ve not heard a Robin singing yet so I shall listen out for it.  I read somewhere about them being very territorial and that they can be quite nasty with others of their species.  Who`d have thought it of such a pretty little!


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