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Thursday, 14 September 2006

A Strange Vistor to The Tay Estuary.

We have had a faraway visitor to The Tay Estuary this week. Yes a White Pelican very strange.  To start with it was said to be an escapee and was going to be caught but later in the week it was decided that it was not ringed and did not have clipped wings, therefore must be a wild bird. We have had a busy week with hospital appointments and therefore had to wait till Wednesday to go and have a look for ourselves as we had never seen a White Pelecan before.We have however seen Dalmation Pelican when we have been abroad.  So Wednesday morning bright and early we set off to Monifieth beach where the bird had settled. As we parked the car you could see the pelican with the naked eye it is so big. We walked along to get a better and closer look and got a great view. I was really inpressed to think anything this size could fly if you can imagine it is about one and half time the size of a swan.  While we were having the usual coffee in the car a small flock of Golden Plovers landed in front of us they looked really golden yesterday against the sand and rocks.  So at the moment it is on my year and life list and will stay there till I find out differently.  Thats about it for today off to the North East next week and hoping for a great week.  Love   



  1. I didn't know we got pelicans this far north! He's a beauty!Jeannette xx  

  2. Fabulous picture Joan. I saw him yesterday and nearly crashed the car!! He is huge, especially when I saw him flying. He has a massive wingspan!,

  3. Gosh Joan he is a handsome bird ~ do you think he is off course and will he be able to get to where he should be ? ~ how lovely to have a flock of  Golden Plovers land right in front of you ~ hope the weather stays good for your Holiday ~ Ally

  4. Hello again Joan,

    It looks as you you had a treat seeing the Pelican who was obviously a little off course!  The last time I saw one was in Florida while on holiday.  I`ve not seen a golden plover but they sound really pretty. :o)

    Sandra xxxx


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