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Thursday, 14 June 2007


    Titchwell, Norfolk with two Egyptian Geese.              

Hi, feeling very guilty that it is so long since I did an entry into my Birdwatching Diary its not that I have not been doing any birding I do watch all the time. Last week we had a lovely day out to Fife Ness that's the most easterly point in Scotland. It was a east coast day complete with the haar off the North Sea but we were with an old friend and we had a great day even with my having left the picnic at home.
This week we were at the coast again on Monday and after our look around the shops in St Andrews we paid a visit to Kingsbarns a little village with a lovely beech. Took some lovely pictures but still have not fathomed out how to get more than one picture in at a time. Will get there eventually no doubt.
While on holiday in Norfolk earlier this Spring we had a great fortnight birding with some great birds with close views. We spent many of our days at Titchwell and also paid a visit to a new reserve at Lakenheath where the RSPB are trying to replace the fenland as it once was. In the new visitors centre they have laid a tiled floor, now this area is a good size maybe 60ft long x 25ft deep  it has been tiled  cream with the exception of one tile that represents the amount of fenland left now in comparison with what there was in day gone by the rest has been drained for farming it was alarming to see this.
The reserve just opened this spring and as you may have seen on the news a pair of Cranes have been discovered to be breeding there already great news. No we were not lucky enough to see them as it we heavy rain the day we visited and we did not stand about too long in the wet.
Well I think that's about it just now but as they say I'll  be back.  Love


  1. ally12313058591814 June 2007 at 18:28

    Joan lovely picture of those two Egyptian Geese ~ glad you are still having good days out Birding ~ (Fancy leaving your picnic at home:o)
    I saw that new reserve at Lakenheath on the News it looked very impressive ~ Ally x

  2. Such a pity the fens are disappearing, just think of all the waterfowl that used to live there. I hope the cranes carry on breeding there so a colony can be established. Jeannette xx  

  3. How interesting to note that the one tile, among so many, tells the story of the fens as they are today.

    Thank you for the information.

    I hope the weather has not dampened your spirits too much.

    By for now,


  4. Hi Joan,

    In between the rain, I have managed to be able to get good views of two Barn Owl chicks.

    I will give you more information later.


  5. Just testing from elsewhere.


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