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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Sea Eagles on The Isle of Skye.

It is many months since I updated my Bird Watching Blog, now I have transferred it over to blog spot I thought I should remedy this. We have not been doing an awful lot of birding lately but we always have our eyes peeled when we are out and about.

The last of the summer visitors have left for warmer climes, clever them. Our wintering birds have started to arrive we have a good few thousand Grey Lag and Pink Footed Geese on the loch now, the large flocks of Starlings have arrived and the Robins are back with us from their summer in the countryside or farther afield. Hopefully we will have a influx of Waxwings later in the year.

Looking back over the summer we had our usual spring/summer holiday in May to Brancaster Staithe in Norfolk and managed to have the best two weeks of the summer weather wise, we did not have a spot of rain and it was warm and sunny all the time we were away. We did well bird wise too and managed a very rare bird for England we saw a Sacred Ibis at a place called Holkham . That was a surprise and I even managed to get a picture of it.

That's him right in the centre the big white bird not the best looking but that's the way he is.

We have just had a great week on Skye and while there we were lucky enough to Sea Eagles a very large majestic bird. There has been an introduction program on the Western Isles for the many years now and the birds are spreading from Mull and Rhum where they were released originally in the 1970's. They are absolutely enormous with a wings pane of over 8 feet. We were so lucky we saw them on three different occasions during the week.

For the next few months now is thermals on and local runs to see the geese and whatever else the wind blows in. Till next Love Joan.

Sorry I forgot a further update of Nethy our Osprey, she is now on a three way border between

Algeria, Mali and Mauritania. So she still has the Sahara Dessert to cross before we can say she is there. fingers crossed.


  1. Here I am fisrt to follow on this blog ,I know Holkham ,Its not that far from us ,as the crow flies, pun intended lol love Holkham pottery ,good luck to Nethy , Jan xx

  2. I'm the second to


  3. I didn't even realize you had this journal Joan! Todd and I are very keen bird watchers and lovers!

  4. Hi Joan I wondered if you would transfer this one ~ Glad you have ~ Ally x

  5. Hi Joan, I love hearing about your birds because I`m always on the lookout for birds but unlike you I am no expert. I keep a look out for Red Kites and see them quite often now. They are the most beautiful bird and I always feel privileged when I see one.

    Love Sandra xxxx

  6. Lovely pictures Joan.Happy you have managed to get all your blogs going now.I wish people would visit mine just so I would know they can through my URL.I seem to be getting a little bit further each day if AOL will be kind to me and keep me online Grrr,Have a lovely weekend.Take Caere God Bless Kath .


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