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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Swallows Again.

Hello, today is the 14th of October and while we were out walking this morning we saw three swallows (on the other side of the pond they are know as Barn Swallows). I know this does not seem worthy of an entry but up here swallows as late as this is very worthy indeed. As I said in my last entry the 6th of October was our previous best. This entry is really for our records as we like to look back each year.
Nethy news, she is still in some very barren country she did a little tour north again then changed her mind and started south again oh I wish she would get on with it and reach her destination in the Gambia.. till next time, Love Joan.


  1. I cant say I have seen any Swallows around here lately ,I did see a magpie on my sisters neighbours roof yesterday ,and remembered to say 'morning Mr Magpie how are the wife and children to day 'in order to warn of any bad luck from seeing a single one you have to assume he is part of a family lol ,,hope Nethy gets there OK love Jan xx

  2. Now I'll have to keep a look out as I never realized they migrate south in the winter. We always see them in the evening when we sit out on the patio in the summer.
    'On Ya' - ma

  3. I was only saying in my last comment Joan I never see any birds here then low and behold two tits on my birdbath yesterday.How lovely.Flew away as I opened the door to take a pic Grrrr.Have a lovely wednesday.Take Care God Bless Kath xx


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