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Saturday, 11 October 2008

In the Garden Mostly.

Good Evening, having been up early this morning I thought I would take the chance to feed the birds a bit earlier than I usually do. They seemed to be ready for it because as I stood waiting on my porridge being ready. This morning we had a lovely little Coal Tit who was making the most of there not being any starlings about. The Robin was sitting on the hanging basket which is hanging on the corner of the bird table still catching what fell in waste not want not. The collared doves take ages trying to get from the roof of the table on to the surface where the seed are they don't seem to remember from day to day. The big Wood Pigeon comes in every day for a drink in the bird bath and he also tries to get onto the bird table that is so funny as he is so big. I have tried to catch him on camera but he always escapes my efforts. The Pink Footed Geese numbers are increasing daily and we now have many thousands.
While we were out this morning we saw two Swallows it being the 11th October this is very late for where we live and is the latest we have ever had a Swallow in all the years we have bird watched which is coming up to 40 years now. Finally tonight progress report on Nethy our Osprey.
Well the satellite's been over again to give us the latest data, up to 9am this morning. Nethy has moved.....
23km (that's 14 miles) since Wednesday evening. She's still heading SSW, towards Mali. Looking tight-in on the map, she is clearly crossing some very barren, inhospitable, desert terrain, sand, sand and more sand. She paused at one point for a rest, on what looks like a rocky outcrop, but come 9am she was back on the move. We know it's frustrating that the data isn't live, but she's had all day to progress further - we'll keep you updated over the weekend (assuming the satellite passes over to capture her whereabouts).
Meanwhile back at the ranch, it's Friday, so we're off for doughnuts (brought in by the boss)....
I have pasted this info from the RSPB site to let you know the kind of thing I have been reading for the last few weeks. This is a very difficult part of the journey for her over the sand of the Sahara Desert hope she makes it. Till next time Love


  1. Am so glad that Nethie is still on the radar. Just hope that she will make it for the winter and return back safely next year Joan.
    WOW!!!! Swallows in October!!!! Our local ones departed the second week in september, which is later than last year. Saw a house martin earlier today though. Not sure when they usually go. Angie was a flock of Canada geese land at Clowbridge reservoit today, they spent ages bathing.
    Love, Cathy.

  2. Hi Joan,Sorry for the late posting.AOL knocked me offline Friday and since then I havn't been able to get a connection to my computer.i rang them several times with no success what they told me to do.Grrr Today I have had a technition in and hopefullyy Thay do not do it agin to me.I love the pictures of the birds there doesn't seem to be many around my garden here where I am living now at all.So gusess I will have to rely on ssing yours LOL!! I hope so they are beautiful pics.Thankyou for sharing Take care God Bless Kath


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