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Monday, 2 January 2006

Sunday 1st January 2006.


Hello and welcome to my Bird watching Diary, I am really looking forward to writing about all our adventures as they can be at times and our quiet walks. This diary will not be updated daily as we are not out birding every day much to Stuart's disgust he would be out every day rain or shine.  Today being the first of on new year we like to go to one of our local places by the loch that we live on.  We take the car about 1 mile from home, we are very lucky that it is so close to home.  It has been a lovely day today mild clear blue skies and no wind. We had just stared along the footpath when we saw a Tree creeper  (pictured above) on the trunk of a nearby tree. He is a lovely little bird and can be very tame in the winter as they do not fly away as soon as you approach.  At this point of the walk we are woodland and there were the usual woodland birds about Blue &Great Tits Goldcrest our smallest bird we  heard them it the canopy but did not see them today. As we walked on the wood opens out and we arrive at the side of the loch.  The footpath takes us along the side of the loch. The water today was very still and the ducks we close in. Not a big variety today but we had Tufted Duck, Coot, Goldeneye and Cormorant.  As we walked on we saw a Grey Wagtail which is very like the black and white one you see normally but this one is yellow and grey and has a longer tail.  There were a lot of people and their dogs out walking yesterday so the bird numbers were down on what we usually see on this particular walk, but as we had all been stuck in the house for a few day with the bad weather you cannot blame people wanting to get out of the house. We had three birds of prey today Kestrel Sparrow hawk and Buzzard.  On the whole we had a good start to the year and we really enjoyed it very much.  We were given a little flask one the metal ones and two stay hot cups in a little bag from a friend at Christmas and we had that with us and it was great just big enough for a half day out and saved lugging the big picnic bag with us.  So that's the year started I hope to bring you lots of entries and amusing tales as well. So far the total number of species for 2006 is 31 will keep this total going so you can see how it grows I hope.   Love Joan.


  1. How fascinating. I have never seen a tree creeper. You must have far more wildlife living where you do than down here in this vastly overbuilt area.  It is sad how much woodland and green space we have lost.  I envy you in the nicest possible way.  I have put this journal on alert now.

  2. Very interesting Joan, I love to see birds of prey but apart from the odd kestrel and sparrowhawk, the only other one I`ve seen was an owl but I only saw a flash of it and apart from being small and brown, I`m not sure what it was exactly.  Looking forward to your updates. :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  3. Hiya, nice one Joan!! Robbie was standing over my shoulder reading it and when he read about the Loch you live near he walked off in envy!!! I look forward to reading many more entries, love Joan.

  4. I would like to tag along on your bird watches... we had a hawk in the backyard the other day and when we saw it it had just finished eating a mourning dove... we don't like for them to come to the yard. hope they don't get any ideas about our little chihuahuas. but I love birds and the ducks are always so beautiful too. Have fun, Sandra

  5. ally1231305859182 January 2006 at 18:45

    Last time we went to the Doctors there was a tree creeper just outside the window - the Dr. being a birdwatcher was more interested in it - than me..they are a facinating little bird.......Ally

  6. I'm going to enjoy walking and bird watching thru your journal Joan.
    Thanks you.
    Sylvia xxx


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